Belly Full Of Responsibility

This is a mix of a few thoughts and experiences. As I said earlier this week. A lot of what I say is what I’ve heard or seen and this subject has me in awe because I want to understand  it all the more. I am really mentioning Cheyanne. A young women I worked with in the OC back in 2009. So, girl, if you are reading this; I dedicate this to you. I hope you are finding Jesus these days in the midst of the pain. Reading Gary Cross’s Men Into Boys has been very eye opening. The breakdown of the male has really relegated us to a place of confusion more then anything. My reference to the Mook and the Midriff are references to marketing schemes for tv in reference to companies placing these male figures that share much dissidence and disdain for anything responsible. The common stat that most video game buyers are 35. More to be said about what I am saying. So, I am sure I will talk more about this as time unfolds.

Belly Full Of Responsible

I’ve been going over it in my mind of the seemingly innocent parade of teenange

Adolescents and the slip of pregnancy, girls confined to bellies of responsibility and

A generation of video game surroundings inside the machine of the man,

Years of jackass have become just that, the mook has brought a hook, coolhunting

Has costed our souls, no one wants to say yes to responsibility and the sudden

Hostility to see some baby everyday share your failures, share you facial structure,

And the scar tissue goes deeper, there she was on the edge of the pavement with

Stark raving Orange County behind me, Coke in a hand and unsuprised by her tears,

There I was with all her fears in my hand, Chey you just don’t understand you’ve

Been alone for years, on the outside you had the perfect exterior and too much

Makeup all in attempts to cover up the cake inside, you were on the edge of breaking

That night and their I was faced with new alabaster to be broken down, with a

Dumpster behind me I too was hit with abortion, how your tears could just go

Away if you just throw it away now, and isn’t that the deception, and overmedicated

Society that requires this as priority, we are the best of our creation and its always

Our comforts that win and that’s the sin how I feel it within, churning in me is

Rebellion in dismay how the enemy came to sway and I’m left to say: I don’t know

What I would do if pregnancy was in my hands but I am certain I am saying

Something to the video gamed beached male that seems to think its normal

To not care and live undone in the name of fun, daddyless soul ties from the

War partides have come after us again, the GI bill doesn’t pay for pain and

Gets you sane, we’ve fallen far from becoming men and meanwhile there is

Her suffering again, belly full of aching and mind still thinking—will he be

There for me when it really matters and I stick my fist in my mouth and practice

Hitting my knees because soon because the impending doom is around for the

Men of fruit of the loom just a better body must replace the mind, no this ain’t

The American dream but so it seems that the crazier one gets the more options

Are there for regret and James Bond he eventually dies and does hard time,

Hugh Hefner needs the salt softener and a righteous harbinger to bring the

News that endless magazine covers resists the fuzz and gives the  buzz

Needed to keep us coming back for more, all for the mook to get the midriff

And for the money to stay paid, here I am again in the face of what the right

Thing seems to be but I pray to God I have the ability to choose right before

I face Him again tonight in the midst of falling asleep when I should be wide

Awake and a billion more hit the dust as more islands of souls have disappeared,

Soon coming judge requires that we stay responsible for not what we’ve said or

Thought but my hands have wrought


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