Crimson Red

About the unrelenting mercies of Jesus.

Here I am again, pushing back in the name of mercy

Now I want to clearly see what’s been in front of me

All these years, wisdom past my ears perking up at

The slaughter festival, here I’ve been strapped in my

Poverty and crimson red has been dead in me, for I pulled

Around the backway of the alleyway to hurry and get away

From this place, it was once secret and safe yet I felt polarized

And despised by the vibration on the wall, there I was in the middle

Of my fall, I didn’t think of you at all, and it hit me as I cleansed myself

Of me, what I’ve tried to erase all these years has been the selfish sin of

The past, trapped in adolescence and trying to live like I’m not alive

On the inside, suitcase has been ready of all my notoriety, I am just the

Scum of the earth ready for a new birth, so wipe away what I can’t erase,

Make me new in this place, bring on your eschaton, tears from my eyes

Soon removal to this upheaval of a life

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