Runaway Town

Its been coming to my attention most recently

That I’ve been mapping out my own getaway, out

Of compromise at tomorrow’s sunrise, best socks

For walking on rocks, my adidas shoes for ruin in the

Rain, the best of me frozen for the cold, the warmest

Jacket and my best tennis racket, been sliding boxes

Recently in my tiny white trunk, heater about to give away,

So you are thinking of running away? The sound of His voice

It catches me as I pull away from the best house I could ask

For in the weather all the more I press the gas pedal and go

For the sunset, behind me are all the brightest rays and best

Days, pulling out compromise from my closet and packing it

Tight with me, map’s a bust, GPS all screwed up, I never had

A clear plan to where I was going, then I passed the blackened

Prayer room and His voice ripped in me again, to sensitive to

Not care, I asked Him to please share with me the remedy for

The runaway in me, I unpacked my best clothes and my 435

Getaway, not knowing I would circle all across this town while

Searching to be known, I felt the groan in the parking lot

And I stopped and talked with God, all my heartbreak and

My sense of shame it slowly dissipated from me and all

The reasons for failure they grew around me all these

Years with structure, then it was mercy that kept me up

That night, it was beats in my heart that jumped out of my

Chest, then he said I miss you son, please come home, then

I unpacked all my reasons for staying and eternity slipped in

Me I had no choice but to lay down my propriety and serve

Him with love again, running away that never did solve

Anything, it was only His mercy that came to me that day,

Running away was really running into Him, life is all backwards

These days, I can’t seem to do my own thing I am just still a little

Kid hiding under Him, in the shadow of His wings my soul still

Sings, make me whole, give me control or just enough to

Bow low, no more escapes and getaway poems, just make me

Humble and let me respond to your call

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