Colluded Collision

Been thinking of my influences and the day it all becomes right, which implies much fear and trembling. Living to stay worthy.

Young Forever has me in this endeavor

Living resilient has wearied my flesh,

What am I gonna read about next?

40 million strong ten years back,

now a decade under the influence,

American Pie leading the way not

Mentioning the death of the legends

I am hearing it clearly now and then,

What sexual immorality has done to

The spine of understanding and the

Dwindling of a generation in disease

Its been enough to appease but I am

Certainly not at ease to read of these

Stats of perversion clouding the mind

Not to mention men not kind in their

Lucrative pervasive operations,

Nefariously pornography has become

Notorious and laborious to make more

Then just a couple of bucks, in the

Realm of protection I’ve been seeking it

With a new invention why so much perversion

These days? But I have to slip inside the sound

Machine of common sense and blame someone

For this current mess, I point and click all the time

That Hollywood is wasting my time then the

Generation effect hits me in the gut, this will

Never stop ceasing to amaze all of us, it will

Seem like it will pass but I must sit and rehash,

There’s to much backlash for what we see, it has

Done more to me then I can imagine, what we want

To believe about right and wrong come from the sound

Of the song and the waves in front of me that educate me

At nighttime, what’s twisted is uplifted, what sells is what’s

Promoted, what’s promoted is voted upon and continual

And will pay the price eternal, will last forever and will

Stand alone, will someday feel like it will own and last

And stay indelible but then the day comes for all the

Jail cells to be released and the crimes to be written down

And the books opened up and coolhunting will come clean

And the judge will not be mean, He will be right and that

Will be the end of the night and the continuation of day

Seen in the Son who payed the price for perversion, who

Went beyond just redemption, who rules and reigns in

The midst of this crooked generation and all my

Angst and anticipation will be seen in Him in perfect

Calculation, I will only bite the dust and go lower then

I exist to hopefully be raised up above the mess,

Then what is wrong will be right and I will answer

With all my might—choose Him tonight before its

To late—money will burn along with all that is

Wasted, let me not be late to this endeavor, what

You do carries on forever


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