Returning Again

Here I again Lord with my heart bleeding,

Driving with fog recently, passing the emergency

On the freeway like death ain’t gonna touch me,

You’ve required that I assume the position and

Get weak again, your words of life they are dead to

Me since months back I’ve been here pushing back

At my own lack, the teenager around me is in need of a

New harbinger and a messengers to relay a new kind of truth

But the proof is inside the sound machine of being clean,

For pure and serene you require of me, serenity for eternity

I seek it all up again again and die again, the protocol has been

Concerning me and my senses, the airwaves have been full of me

And my wants recently, I know this is America and it can be hard

To see with the endless stream of the TV, men are living for themselves

These days and your book of secrets its open to me but I’ve been living

With the distance recently and the emergency has been in the air tonight,

Coming down inside me now, I am not crying just having a hard time

Breathing and stuttering under my breath, to you deserve the best and I

Give you wind and time and reading again

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