This is a prayer I’ve been praying. Hope you relate to coming back to Him daily.


Been transgressing recently,

Daily in fact been munching on the apple in the tree

Of life in front of me, been eating at the Garden of Eden,

Now hair is receding and chest beating, so suddenly and

Regularly it has become that I have become numb and

Thirsty for mercy cause lately I’ve been selfishly persisting

At the bite of the apple, the tree of life floating in the distance

Now a Cherub guarding the pathway into the veins that bled

So I could overcome, sweating as a reminder, heat always a

Good thing, the burner behind me, now a retainer in my mouth

For I have no words to express the mess of the transgression

Inside of me now, words of life, not in repetition, Holy will

Now in the intuition and he ain’t touching my condition nor

Changing the volition, male and female both fall apart now

And I split again inside my sin and fall down before Him,

Holy is the way, creativity has brought some severity, for

I have all the perfect poetry for standing perfectly guilty,

Now blood stains fill the carpet and I am left to harp on it,

Now a harbinger of mercy is needed to set me straight but

All that’s left is me at the gate—narrow you yell, that’s the

Way out of Hell, living hard but hardly living I seem to keep

Hearing my own voice all the time, then you pull the car around

And drive me out of this town, into new ways of Holy living,

See all I need to hear is that its worth waiting, all the pure and

Undefiled motivations they have been left on the side with guilt

And shame and all the wrong names, what I’ve forgotten is the

Only begotten and the way of death He already died for me,

Crucified I have become upside down on my own cross, get

Down from there Peter, you got to suffer another way, and

Love rooted deep makes me come to you with the ash heap.

Renewed and loved no more wasting it again, for selfish I am

And that’s not pushing you away, still I am eating the apples

Of transgression, daily munching, daily combusting, but now

Daily I am coming back to you again—please renew, I push

Delete and put myself back on my feet

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