Basement Days

Living with toys listening to Beastie

Boys, winter break we didn’t hesitate and we got

The good right out the gate, Star Wars Museum and

Teen Symposium, a study of our futures was to good

For now, I thought somehow the romance would pass

And we would all mow the grass past the fences of

Domestic hostility when mom and dad lived it before

Us but somehow in these reflections now I see that

The car we drove and the love we chose still somehow

Keeps me going because all I ever wanted was to get to

Growing, adolescence what does that mean when the world

Seems to value the teen and the dreamer inside but what

I can’t wait for has now caught up with me, getting older

How it grows so dimmer, she said you see the beauty in

Everyone then why do I not stop loving anyway, you’ve

Put your heart out there to many times to fold up now

With mold inside and even if it takes a thousand times

I never want to forget how far I’ve come, past the basement

Days and out into a world of pain, suffering sweetly with

Desperation inside, all that seems manly has made me

Not smile, but all that keeps me beating now somehow

Has taken a beating, and pain to change the language

Has been a mighty tutor to learn how to work harder

At staying alive, and that is something I’ve learned

On the drive

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