Bleached blonde highlight keeping me up at night, teenangee wasteland

Was yesterdays playground, Prom Queen so it does seem, once crowned

And displayed as certainly swayed but time has changed as she’s stayed

The same, college days down 470 east build her shape with much yiest

Bread and butter to the guy with a stutter, probably a jerk, an insecure

Hook in his mouth, loving her not good she went with it to stay understood

Letters dropped, Frat Guy now, skip or chip or Buck or Stan, he really is not

A man, quarterback days over, a walk on not even and certainly he’s getting

Even with the past and still chasing her now, in the front row he sits and

My thoughts do persist, while I am writing it stays inviting, who is she

Really covered with those hallow stripes, golden skirt and surely a

Flirt, flickering in the wind, her hair does go again, but the man around

Is gone now, because I don’t know you I keep this written and stay


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