Thing Of The Past

Those blonde hair highlights keep me up at night

When the days that it seemed right sitting outside

The parlor waiting for a holler or a caller inside my

Pockets waiting for the phone to ring but to many years

Have past since that, Valentine’s day it seemed the double

Doors were open to get back to you but something else

Was bothering you, tell me truly that it wouldn’t be

Because I wasted those school days studying you

And paper in the trash of those entries and entrees

We shared a movie theatre for two no more, streets

Lonely now it seems, warmth not for some more months

And beach days they stay back there, princess I know that

I can’t get to the castle but with you I wanted the hassle and

The angst and the pranks pulled on me, cause the air in your

Hair was better, those blonde haired highlights they certainly

Have passed and time has moved on and that’s just what it is,

Something of yesterday but I hope now you live better cause

I’m loving not being bitter, so stay sweet sister

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