This is about a guy I saw buying flowers at Sunfresh grocery store. A current reflection of love.

Searching for roses he did

Shifted he became to suddenly

Change his eyes dim lit, his feet cold

From delays and fear of change, the voice

Of the lover calling him now, Sunfresh aisles

Now worthwhile, no sale and no sleep for his eyes

Double wide he became, bright eyes now change and

Rearrange who he did bring arms up from all the fuss

Bags packed from fear of change and commitment, she’s

Been through it over the years and now someone has to

Pay on Valentine’s day, better lives splitting like knives

And ripping into each other, hesitant lovers rearrange

Each other and voice of reason has brought the treason

For who really can love you better, hope you soon discover

That you don’t have to wait forever to search for this, cause

I know you have worked so hard at opening up, now you are

All bottled up with roses a must to rediscover the cost of

Loving you better, stage now a reset, please change the upset

And erupt into someone new, cause only the Lord can do this

To you

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