Worst Movies Of All Time

I have been meaning to do this fun little post for a while. This list is not conclusive to all films because I have not seen everything out there. I will most likely mention what has been deemed as bad but unseen as me. But most of these are movies I have seen and then questioned and demanded a money back, even $1.20 from redbox:)

There is no real order here. I am just listing


Got to admit, Sean Bean is always good. He is always very good at being very bad(i.e. Boromir in LOTR, and the bad dude in Goldeneye, and in National Treasure) but my gosh this movie was a redbox night back in 2010 and did I ever waste my night on this. Chris Hemsworth had to be so bad in this movie that I had my doubts when Thor came out! Thor ended up being great but this one was just dumb. About a guy that finds cash and Sean Bean hunts him down for it.

Labor Pains

5 dollars later from 7-11 I watched this the day I got home from Cali last month. Can’t expect Lindsey Lohan to really be able to act given the roles she has had over the years( Mean Girls??) but this movie just was dumb. Decent idea but way to predictable and not very interesting. Or my new fav. word “folderol” all the way through.

Dragon Wars

If we had ranking in this, this would be number one. I recommended that Zack and I watch this movie in theatres back in 2007. Boy, this was not a good choice. This movie was horridly bad. Up there as worst ever!

The Alamo

Watching this movie before escaping back to Cali in 08(haven’t told this part yet but its coming up) this was a bad film that could have been great. Boooooo!!!!

Shattered Glass

Library rental. Watched in 08 in Orange Town. Haden, sorry, you can never impress me because you cannot act. A good true story and an interest because I like writing and movies about writers, it just didn not have the substance in the actors to be worthy of calling it a good film


Just don’t watch this film. One of the worst.


Saw in theatres in Feb. 08, please give me money back! Again, Haden ruined this film for me. Doug Liman, I am disappointed in you, since Bourne you could have made this a good one but I think it was more Haden’t fault.

The Future

This is a 2011-12 film that gets some points for being different but I lost interest and turned this one off after some time.

The Tourist

Also, did not finish this which could make for irrationale but it seemed like it wasn’t gonna be that great.

American Breakdown

No clue what was going on here, also did not finish this. A redbox rental and Steve Carel what the heck?

Tower Heist


Incredibly and indelibly and aggravatingly inappropriate. Saw this on my b-day in November 2011 and the food at cineSUITES was great but this movie really wasn’t great, at all.


Very Michael Bay and free on youtube. Liked it when I was a kid but megalame the second time around.

Green Lantern

Not even worthy of more than one sentence; so its one with a semi-colon, Martin Campbell you need to stick to James Bond cause you are good at that.


This is a completely Godless film that deserves no respect and Nic. Cage bad acting always just distracts me to much.

Ghost Rider Films

Never seen them but completly looks like a huge waste of time and wondering why these ever get made.

Twilight Saga

Never will like these ones but somehow everyone else under 13 does.

Wolverine Origins

Maybe I need to see again. I went at midnight and was super amped for this one but I was sorely disappointed when I left the movie theatre.

Margin Call

In theatres. The one on red bridge that looks like its going out of business. Saw August Rush and Fred Clau and Inception there. But this over-the-top business movie was just over done and dumb. Let Oliver Stone make the Wall Street movies.

World Trade Center

This was made by Oliver Stone, so I was thinking it could not stink but Nic Cage again made it awful. I like the 9-11 plots but this was a poor representation. Way to get all oily and dirty on your face after 20 minutes of walking around!


Cool action. Crazy cool action actually but a dumb ending, which made it a dealbreaker for me. No way jose!


Could have been cool but was not interesting enough for me to keep watching.

Tooth Fairy

Fun. The Rock trying to act. Together it did not work out to well. And Ryan Sheckler or whatever his last name is, he was awful too.

Eskalon Theory

I am not even taking the time to spell this film right. Okay acting but pretty much Eagle Eye with different actors.

Swing Vote

Guess I only saw the end in the theatres when I worked for Palazzo 16 but this was a pretty bad one as well


Easily Channing Tatum’s worst; easily Terrance Howard’s worse; and easily one of the worst ever!

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Way to long and way to not interesting to keep me into it

The Assasination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Also way to long. I like Brad Pitt usually but overall this film does not deliver.


I love Leo always but this was 2 and 1/2 hours of nothing cool. Who the heck is Howard Hughes?

The International

Clive Owen should be the new Bond in my opinion but after Inside Man was so awesome, this however, was not what I expected.


Sam Rockwell was great in this but it was to trippy for me to get what was happening. Just like Southland Tales.


O, yeah this was really bad. And Hilary is great in everything I’ve seen her in so far. I guess they all got to have the bad one’s sometimes.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Could have been good but I saw this on the airplane and it was not to great.

The Imposter

Probably getting the title wrong and mispelling it but Richard Gere is losing his touch.

Night At The Musuem 2

Not the worst but the trailer just straight up gave away all the funny lines.

Well, I am sure there is more but this is my list thus far. Please, feel free to comment on the worst ones you have seen and let the bad one’s inspire to make great ones.




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