Fame Inside

For all the dark things have taken over

And the red couch of fame is taking His name

And repeating fame, for the nails on the cross they drip

Down in front of my colluded vision, for the fever of the stars

Has brought jail bars and the collision of the most High has been

Slipping inside me now—for what has been of waste makes haste to

Stay number one again for deism is searching in me, knowledge in college

Has been educating me, now a sinner and a singer I still am, singing my own

Duets with multiple regrets in me, now I search in weakness for the lampstand

Inside my hand is fading out now and oil required is fading into the night,

Hear he stands at midnight, and my lust for fame drips down again inside my

Brain, door slammed and searching I am weighed and found wanting again,

Visions of the Most High inside me again, for only one man has been deemed worthy

And the Bieber fever lifts from me for only one man deserves to talk about Love not

A kid on stage can replace my need for love and romance, for I sit and rehash it out

With the man upstairs, to long for to many years I’ve been disconnecting in pop

Culture stats and webstreaming images that replace Christ to this bank heist now

I am in need of getting out of poverty now but seldom do I see that it’s what you

Require for stars and red carpets they will eventually die out now for there’s only

One train I am rolling out of now and pretty sure I’ll be face down apart from the

Resurrection, I might die in inspection of the Holy Resurrection, nails in those hands

Down on my mainframe now, scars to prove there’s only one way out of Hell

Now and inside me not so well do I wish upon the wishing stars that waste is

Before me and flames accompany that awful conversation, for waste is taken

Seriously and my worship of anyone else without the Holy One attached to it,

So please Lord, forgive me for forgetting you so easily, as my breath does sustain

Me, help me see before the oil in this lamp is on empty and the doors are shut this

Very night

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