Power Hungry

Credit or debit she said it and read it to me

Miranda rights in the sand, here I am to reprimend

And recommend that justice done to me keeps me

Up nightly, before me now the floor splits open and

Welcomes me in, professor always keeps me not lazy

And always studying, right verse wrong and how far gone

Along is God, separate from me now and anxiety takes over again

And the dvd’s been rented again, for only on repeat does my heart beat

Over the sins of the time and the sands of the future, washing mightily over

Me is a powerless life before me because all He wants is all of me,

To busy it seems that I have stopped all these dreams and fantasies

About future excasties of escape from modern life and all the work

In the output and everyone rejecting all this love I work so hard to

Give, and desperate now I do live to get this social status up now and

Bags packed to long now for a getaway because Christ is calling inside my

Chest to never settle like the rest and give all of I am to see a whole new

Teenage wasteland simply not walk like that in waste and wallowing rather

His name is Halowing inside me now and Holiness is hear right now, so

I do take this death you offer and plead to not be an end time scoffer and

Doubt the shifting of the ages and the sifting of these wages, for my bank is

On full alert because I know I must hit the dirt and get more poor then ever

Before and always and intently now you watch me always somehow with

Eyes all over you count it with me to progress and to step down and get

Poverty inside me now—for I ask you God in so specific order let me not

Suffer alone inside a world of hype and thrills and add Christian to foot the bill but

Let me not sit still and silent, let me walk in power defiant and shift something in

The world around me because purpose haunts me and power calls out to me

To live without impact that is suspect and keeps me up nightly because

I fear greatly that I am not getting separated but rather disappointed in the

Sound of you terrifies me daily because you love so greatly and cost is underrated

Always because suffering is extinct and poverty is far from me and the American

Dream will it also will burn to in the midst of you, so let me dream the dream of

You and contend for a renew and power within to stay alive and burning now

I must go and pray some more that I would be worthy Lord, because I cannot earn

It but I will try to deserve it

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