New Surrender

To long now I’ve been to strong now,

Fatherless calls ringing on the blackberry

Days so scary of it all now because for so long now

Not so well have I been loved my whole life and

Eruption is now coming because with you now I am

Now nothing, and the flames beneath my feet they truly

Great me neatly and hotly does it burn within me this love

For you now inside me now, beauty from all those women that

Had me smitten it fades like grass before me now, for that will always

Catch me offguard and submission to the Holy caculation reorients me

Now because for to long now I’ve been to strong now and my heart has

Been missing something from up above, and the upheaval of family’s past

It burns past me now and the phone on vibration leads to now inspection

For love from dad was always suspect because I always lost that respect

And now I renew this life of mine with this fallen mind of mine and press you

All the time to be better that that sweet Valentine because love is what we

Are singing out now inside these four white walls and begging now I am in

Because weakness now is my safeguard and once and for all now, love does

Renew me now and all my life been loved wrong so please God not so well it

Did dwell but please change the swell inside these waves and cause me to

Enter into that ocean of yours called love and stuff I can’t see yet, please

Great me newly with love so purely new that all I have to do is surrender


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