City Life

Now that it smells like summer can we really be together

Sunglass eyes fill my skies because to many times I really cry and

For you to see these tears it quenches these fears but hesitation tips the

Reservation in your eyes and begs me to ask why, for the sprinklers now

Are in my hands and release the commands to water this grass but I still

Sit and ask can we start to stop being just this and make it more then what it

Is, I know you look so pretty out there in New York City, but the rows and waves

Between us now in the darkest of spring days, leaves me now in a haze, I just want

To give back to you now in all your ways of tilting towards me and always adoring

Me, all those dresses you have sifted have shifted my attention because you are

Worth the mention of my affection and now I can’t stand still now watching

You live the city life alone, urban life is too hard for you now because you have

Lost it somehow, and the pain of the rain that has fallen behind has brought some

Rust along the path, and all this junk food junkie life has its consequences because

These sweets I am eating remind me of your sweetness and princess days you

Played to my kinship days, so act on stage and play the sage cause girl its better

When we’re together, so make it back soon because I can’t live poor forever,

Searching for a name, it has cost something, but don’t let it cost me another

Sweet, sweet summer

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