Love In Speculation: For Stories

Love is the ultimate source of inspiration. Love is the centerpiece of human emotions. Love is the center of Christ, it is, in fact, Christ Himself. Love is an attribute which makes it different then just a mere emotion. This post is not a breakdown of love, or a theological post. I love to talk theology, although I feel that’s not my power alley. This is more about love in stories and in film, and why it is important to master the art of telling the love story.

Love is the source of human suffering, or lack thereof, and to not be loved, that is the most deplorable state a person can be in. Not being loved and accepted actually incites the worst of inflictions, the worst of intentions and creates more complexities.

It is very clear in stories what is happening to characters. I use happening and emphasize ING, a gerund, a always moving motion that never seem to stop. Love is constantly the theme. And Love is everywhere. I might use capitals to emphasize.

Love is the desire but is also the problem. First, the story must be about a real element of tension that exists in real people. I have mentioned this before, but what is human is what needs to be mastered. But what creates problems that sell are problems that only a person has to dig inside what real people deal with.

Trust and mistrust are huge devices that regulate problems. Whether you believe a person to be good nature and well intentioned, or a horrible example; you cannot trust anyone. The mob boss crime genre is full of this. Trusting people has a pernicious bite to it and most of the time costs people their lives. I hate this genre because its so despicable but it is true to many corrupt human tendencies.

The action genre is a fairly good example of trust and mistrust and love coming together a little bit. Bourne is tough and a machine but also loves and is weak because he is human. Bourne is a man that can’t be trusted, or appears to be but only because the people he works for are the real crooks who can’t really be trusted.

McClaine’s rough housing ways still come from broken relationships. He probably doesn’t trust anyone and has a bad marriage. The bad guys in movies are all men who can’t be trusted, or women as well.

Love and trust is the first connection. But to talk of love..

Love is what everyone is talking about. Love, recently, in the vow, still could have been more powerful because more opposition could have come this guys way. It was still good but I always want more, and more is what we all always want.

Opposition is the first and foremost step to creating a better love story. In the show Make It Or Break It, that I like so much Lauren Tanner is the one that fascinates me the most. Lauren has a reason for her anger, her sassiness and her beauty like qualities. Lauren was left by her mom when she was a child which also creates complexities in her dad too. They both are afraid of being left alone. Their fear of abandonment is their fuel for acceptance. Now, everyone wants to be accepted but when you change who you are to get it that creates problems. Lauren is fierce but very aware of her gaps and her lacks. She does evil because of some lack of good that wasn’t given to her. She takes everything to far and actually does to others what has happened to her. She abandons those around her so she can really feel loved. Its very twisted but very intriguing because that is what people are capable of doing. I know personally, how much goofy stuff I did in high school for attention. I dressed in a wild animal fur coat. I danced all the time and I was always saying things that crossed the line. I love who I am and I love that I was myself but even so, I still vied for attention because maybe I felt a lack of love from those around me. It has only been God’s love that has changed that.

Love. Opposition. And there is so much more to say on this. This is part one, okay. Cause I want to talk more about this but I dread those long posts that sometimes are worth it but let’s spread it out this week.


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