Love Inside

Doesn’t longing overtake you in the mundane,

Does reflection get in suspicion because something

Daily now is missing, all the perfect conditions daily surround me

Friends that cook for me and do things for me, and those faces that

Come to me nightly very endlessly, innocence was a childhood dream

But now its an endless stream that sits inside this stream of this jean that

Hits the water beneath me with rain puddles and rubbles of pain around

Me how this poem could be about she from past waves by the Sea and

Days of those letdowns behind me, because fast food life is keeping me

Up at night along with those beached blonde hair highlights but deep down

I am a mess all around because Love is calling out to me and there goes

That pop cd, out the window on the freeway past Blue Ridge avenue I can

Feel it too, because now I am counting down the days I get to be with you,

So eternity now is deep within me, so tonight I turn to you Lord and put

Away the waste and now make haste to storytell again to be with you


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