New Sacrifice

Now O Lord I return to burn again Lord always like a little kid again

With the gifts that sifts inside of me, and all that you call lovely, for I

Have been to strong for to long now inside the forests of earning it,

Chopping down my own wood to serve my own good to sit inside the

Misunderstood of the sacrifice, for you have asked me twice to never think

To much again of the flame and the name of my gain, for I can feel it sane within

My mind of all the wasted time, and now I strive daily to build an altar for you and

To alter the situation always that I cannot earn it from you, but digging now the

Foundation you have been asking, for it has been rare that I do hear, to long its been

To serve my own purposes cause I am weak all the time and full of many regrets

And retreats of weaknesses within me, so Lord I don’t know how to say this but

I regress inside this stress and strain to give you my brain and my intentions and

Inventions of earning it, the altars that I build and the good that I earn for Lord

I want to burn again and love again without regret inside me, for would haves and

Could haves waiting  in line to receive that commendation of mine is all just a vision

In these fingernails because the grip is inside of me, that I cannot earn it swiftly and

The oil is draining and I am still complaining that time has been wasting, and you

Seek the inside of me as more worthy then the outside of my austerity and search

For some clarity but I want to give it all back to you and I want to burn before you

Now with sincere love and life without offense

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