The Model Story

I stopped blogging videos a while ago but this is making me laugh and also making me want to blog the story of my modeling days. And I am smiling in vertigo’s of gratefulness for this actually not taking place. Long story short before IHOP I was in high school, 18 and asking what every teen was asking: what do I want to do with my life? My mom, who has always been my biggest advocate thought my senior pictures looked so amazing that being a model would be a great idea! I was very unsure of college and kind of had IHOP not at the forefront of my mind. I had always wanted to be an actor so I thought modeling would be my in to doing that. I had horrible face acne before senior year and with medicine I got a new face pretty much. I was physically in good shape because of sports. It all made sense.

My dream died after my mom and I went to Caryn International in Minnesota March 2004. This was a school and an agency. I was very disappointed after this trip but they gave me the idea to make a business card out of my pictures. I had favor with my photographer for my senior pics, she gave me a deal and did a photo shoot summer 04 and made me the card. Two months later I ended up in Kansas City and the model story just simply became a funny story to tell.

But, its always good that have dreams:)

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