Conditions Of Protection

Conditions for protection are enlisted like armies of the best days of me

For it happened to be you and me that never settled for the worst sides

Of each other, for on twitter its true that we aren’t together and your face

Has left this place and social networks do not find you associated with me

But now WiFi on this airplane has me still searching for you connection and

Listing your needs of protection inside of me, cause I think of you often and

You are always leaving town, with hats on your head and glasses on your

Face, you are really drifting from this place for the barbeque town is never

Around enough for you to settle down for you slip out of my grip and give

Me that sudden slip of a surprise and drafted later by my text messages of

Future delays and airport hot spots, for like leaving your car on your own

You seem to be much obliged to stay that way, so I am here now with a future

Me, one that is a better me with a list of conditions for your heart conditions

And a list of petitions inside the repetitions of your favorite things in suspension

You wait for me to change my highlights inside the highlights that don’t seem to

Exist and lifting weights I hate to earn some strength for you, but protection

Accompanies you because you have built some walls for me to pull down and

So comfortable being alone you have been, so please I ask you this: let me in

And let me fix your lonely condition by a paltry petition, let me ask in expectation

For you to not live in hesitation always waiting for some fixing, for that hat on

Your head is covering up your best hair and that sunglass you wear is hiding your

Eyes from staring at the real me with those tears that fill your eyes all the time

So please, let’s stop wasting time and be together

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