See here is what he said to her

Tired of debiting all his regretting

150 solid in his wallet, his heart like a pallet

open always to damages he needs to desperately see

she never seemed amazed or wowed but rather bored always

stiffened by the grip of love he tried to have around her neck so he

pleaded and begged and asked for not more bills from her or pomp and

frills for his future to be back on the pallet and open now not in his wallet

for they tossed and turned inside what really burned within—both so desperate

to not be accepted with some deep down inner beauty that she carried with He

and with me now it was never right for they stayed up all night staring at each

other asking if they were right for each other, now this airport has some separation

attached to it and waves of departure inside broken waves of weather and always

together is tested by wasted time and commitment to the conditions for protection

so now they persist as lovers and spend each other’s money, earning a love that

they cannot buy for I beg to ask why this is the case, why they have picked up the

pace but now the waves continue to do what they do best

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