Hunger Pains

The hunger hunt has me second guessing

Who is it that I am living for anymore

Hunger now keeps me awake like a great steak

Eating and deceasing inside of my best intentions and those

To are examined exactly inside the poignant points that point to

The one that died for me, for it wears me out daily the things that

Don’t wear me out and the many wreckless hours I live before myself

But on this night I set it right and set it straight, the words of life have

Been recently slipping recently in the back seat of my car, trying real

Hard, tasting the tar of bad decisions and instant revisions of this time

I’ve been spending and this life impending upon my clarity and much

Austerity I jettison this luxury and taste the victory of pressing inside the

Sound of the industrialization and this constant hesitation in me to push

More toward Him and hunger is a gift that I do sift and search with at my

Best sides of spinning for constant grief teaches me to burn and relinquish

My rights inside my life now, so hunger pains come and words of life I pick

You up from the ground, read you in this town and bow down slowly against

My own pride, and choose now to abide

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