Saint Mercy

I will surely perish with the fighting Irish

And bag pipes are out of the bag now and real loud now

Because in the background I have been harking to listen to

What’s been sparking inside of me now, drunk as a skunk world

Now in a eternal ethereal rut inside me now cause what they do

Doesn’t wreck the clubs but keeps it in business and the exchange

Relates inside of me, I am just pointing the finger with a harbinger of

A message to tell them doom is soon looming and coming clear as day

Now but they don’t listen anyway and drunk is what they are, deaf and

Dumb goes down with a Coke and a Rum and deaf and dumb they stay

Single and alone and without a home, they wander inside this holiday

For a green rainbow to surround their every actions with many factions

Of indifference I know they do sweat and persist to ask it of me to get better

Now and a river dance is at their backsides and a placid redo of green eyes

Sits in front of me now, cause I am just as drunk and dumb as those that

I point the finger to and linger on the ring on my finger and question my

Commitments to the Lamb slain before me now, and a green emerald

Signature is what I need to switch this furniture and get me a place to

Bow down now, so locked in the past is what I want to be but now present

Before me is how I see, drunk inside and unaware of the side splitting sky

Splitting and a renewed bike scene needs to come to me, cause drunk and

In a rut is my favorite place to be, so Lord let sobriety be the priority in

Me now and give me what you always give me—green sweet smelling

Mercy—and let it reign in me along with the drunken mess of a world

Now in front of me, for the only Saint I am celebrating is the one that

Rules and reigns in you now

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