I saw a girl who had holes in her jeans and was cute and prompted me to write this.

Holes in her jeans and holes in her pants

Holes in her heart probably, holes and empties all

Around surround her now and in and out of this place she

Roams and paces and hides now, holes inside of her need filling

And I need feeling that this is real, for to many nights have passed of

Alone at last and boxed in by not wanting some rejection and some infection

To a new resurrection, and she waits always with sunglasses on, covering up

The face on, inside of her now she bows now to a new wave of suffering, alone

Has plagued me cause I am a single me looking for acceptance and bags under

Her eyes have been bags by the door and leaving on the floor has left me asking

For more, like inside my psyche and like Nike I am doing it now, acting upon this

Feeling, making sure she is touching the ceiling no more in her dreams and acting

A fool and just a friend, always waiting by the door for someone to leave and

Gasping now for control, control of this empty feeling and like holes in her pants

I feel the ants trickling and my heart fickling over what station to change to

Clarity now is the austerity it takes to say something to you, and so she switches

Seats and changes these cleats on my feet, to much running from myself has

Left her now running from myself, and holes need filling and empty needs a new

Feeling, and so cracked out now on excitement now I feel the enticement and

The walls now come down because love has crept in, but can she really fill me

Or will I still feel empty and empty always, until someone for real sits inside of

Me and not just the brush of a crush  removing the weight inside me

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