See love haunts me and greatly beckons me to respond

For despondency is now my responsibility and the restless

Hostility chases me now, all the right moves inside of her calls out to me

And always in speculation do I want some phone vibration and a change of the

Situation, for recently confusion bids me nightly and divides me up tightly and

Tosses me nightly in response to the things that change a man—the beautiful things

That call me out of selfish and sting me like jellfish, now I must request that you

Don’t dream about this—when you are up nightly thinking of who you have become

Trying to rewind the time and make amends with the past you on Ocean avenue,

The salt now has been rising and has been causing an uprising, desperately seeking

To be no longer alone is the way you call and answer the fall , and always welcoming

that nightly groan to take root give some blame to the way things have been, so

connection now takes a new route inside these thoughts of mine, and rewinds the

time and I react and redact a new dream with you, to live inside the sound machine

again and hear the words that matter most, so when you are up late think of me

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