But now there’s a breach

And a reach in me to get back to you now

And a like a leach I am attached to what makes you bleed

And the oxygen is slipping now to my lungs and lunges of

Me are moving towards you now, for lately thoughts of you do

Reach me and breach me that to get to you would be oceans away

And a ways to go with waves to row and places to glow with much of

An afterglow to remember the days with you and that sun in the sky

Now I am wondering why it went so wrong and took so long to get a grip

And a limp now I walk with and paint it now as a new song, and to strong

Now is my song, so the breach between us and time between us is sewing

A new stream in me, so please let me back into your life so this phone

Vibration can occur without hesitation and suns can shine now with us

To a new you, with a  new view and beached and bleached be the way

You got breached inside of me now, so to many California days have passed

And you have out lasted that dark skin of yours and beat it within me to

Get better at loving you better

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