Poverty And Laundry

Where do I go, where do I go from here?

Its very clear that nothing now is clear,

Your voice now Lord is what I want to hear,

Running from you has been my getaway,

Recalling the things you have said, living this life now in the red,

Debt in need of collection, man in need of recollection, thoughts of poverty

Turning in me, empty sundry, dirty laundry, starvation in anticipation boiling hot

Ramen in dire change of situation, the poorness of this condition has stolen all my

Attention, volition is what I am trying to assess because strength is what I want to

Possess, the dirt that has been rising has me now changing my thoughts for the things

That have been taught to me, clean is what I mean and what I need, trying to be strong

And always suceed, the scroll does receed and read me in this position, I am trying to get

Back to you and things you’ve said are now in my head, lying down on my bed wanting

To rest in the place that has been made for me, the fearful place called safety,

Laundry is still sitting there where it does get less dirty, but now with me there is less

Clarity, less austerity, less audacity to do what is right, to grow up in one night, to be a man

And try to understand that poverty is apart of the plan to grow strong in trusting Him

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