Reposting this, I really like this..

Older poem but I like this..I love you family..

Close to my heart is my own story and those who have lived it with me.

The setting was just right, with you I was up all night

Rethinking and reworking my destiny, see it was like this,

Volatile man up late each night, bowl of munchies, drug free

Zone, he owned it, the sky and its exits, to them he shouted out

Loud, feeling the weight  of the world crashing down, mulling over

Reasons of regret and future debt, he later sold it and moved out

West, for the hopes of a better life, she slaved away without complaining,

Serving by his side and slowly dying on the inside, his shouts split wheat’s and

Tares and injected me with fears, doors slammed and bags pack there must be

A fur coat out of this, and there I was just me and my creativity crashing down

Slowly I hid inside of her waiting for the customary tuck in, warmth was my

Dream, safety a pipedream, protection what I sought in great introspection,

And there it was, always making an exit from the fights and the yelling tore

Me in two as I was the better man trying to craft my right hand in the sand

We moved and went and salt water became the better bet, but there it was

In the American dream of palm trees and a balmy breeze, crept in the slow

Disease of living not at ease, she greatly got tossed like the waves at hand,

And put her hand in the sand a line of boundary for the planned out contraband,

Exporting that was about to take place, an exchange for years of pain, now suddenly

Circling the drain, I heard the thunder in upheaval as the story would unravel,

It got the best of me as I crafted another getaway back to the east again, I was

Suddenly afraid of my own skin, why this upheaval now, plucking my best

Strings I finally closed my eyes to never close them again and soon my mind

Went slipping out of my grip I had a new grit to face and there I was lying without

Peace anymore and mulling over regrets to be destined to be like the ones that

Created me, I to was a mess on a shoddy body of tears and brokenness and there

It was 3 years later, rent paid in full and our lives spared from the raging bull,

Here we are now with our own stories to tell, and all at the border of Hell,

For next could be my own disease and those around me to rescue my homeless

Face as I to seem to be a wanderer looking for purpose

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