Thoughts on change in life and in seeking to be transformed by grace.



Change, what is that?

Pressure to conform

Pressure to reform

Change is my norm,

My setting down, my rising up

A man, what is he, unless he changes

And rearranges his priorities, still, silent, and passive

I have been about the future, all the while, time is

Worthwhile and keeping me in check, endless opportunity

To change, to choose, to say yes to grace, to yield to mercy

Will I change today? Will I look at what will change me?

Eyes bright, green and serene and trying to be clean

Tasting what brings redaction, looking for more satisfaction—

Christ calls to me, tells me to go harder to look more upon Him

Change now is the branch, the man, the lamb residing inside of me

Now eyes of purity, now need some clarity—help me now forever

Change at the sight of you—to conform now to you

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