The Color Red

A lot that I need to speak upon. Elections. Jesus’ worth. The picture of Jesus as a lion in Narnia and my take on wanting to live with all my heart!

The color red

Red lights guide me some would

Claim, swing states in the balance, heart

In defiance to any kind of party for change,

Trusting leaders now in front of me,

Counsel says ‘come to me, come and follow me’

Young I’ve been up on the beach with a breach in

Me, have I built something that will get swept away?

Safety, safety! Calls to me, says, ‘stay normal, stay safe’

Adventure, chances, and risk I say—to to many years of

Waiting, waiting for those chances to come back to me—

Red eyes keep me going now, up late searching always

For the deeper meaning—world, see world is in transition

And I got one single ambition—to live, to love, to be free

Inside all the scariest places—fear, you see was just glorified

Yesterday, just for one day! But now the mask of safety comes

Off—He is good, but He is not safe says the lion and asks me

Will you sit in fear, will you live in trembling—risk, no one wants

That and suffering, suffering from chances taken—who wants to

Live with that—now, now be the time to live without regrets

To trust the kings in His hands, to comprehend with all in you that

Trusting this kind of tension is the only non fiction, the only true

Way to waste away—waste away at a life that is worthy, a life

Well done—for the color red of blood it stamps a stop sign upon

My sin, it stops me from taking it for granite—grace, grace is made

For us to take chances but to not trample upon the King Himself

Who bled the color red to have us

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