Its Time Son

Thoughts on the end of the age.

Its Time Son

Pass the baton,

Bring on the eschaton,

Shake what needs to be

Shaken, forgive the

Forgiven as they carve

Out a rainbow in the sky,

As they ask you why,

As they hide under the

Hood of self-good,

They hated the flood

Now they hate your

Return, for rocks have

Fallen and men cry out,

Is this what judgment

Is all about? For wrath

Meets mercy and kisses

With justice, man rages

And always fusses, more

Time does He give to

The one who says God

Is just, God has won!

The fool sits in the pool

Of disbelief and God

Shows us He is relief

He gives mercy, always

Pass the baton, bring on

The eschaton, but before

Then—show us mercy!

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