To all the teens that have passed through Kansas City and to all the teens that skate in my neighborhood, this is for you. The song ‘Teenage Wasteland” by The Who ring real loud. For I don’t want to be one that wastes that time I have been given and I don’t want to see a generation wasted away either. Here’s my reflection.


Teenage wasteland cries out from

The ground, there are souls all

Around, their skateboards

Hit the ground, their dreams

Hit the clouds, their memories

Are real loud


The teen and the American dream

Hit me in the chest and take me

To the best places


Hope they need, can they succeed,

Kickflipped they live, hardflipped

Over and over by a world that

Forgets living forever, skaters

Jaded, jeans ripped, sun stripped

With the beach in the purview,

With dreams in the rear view,

Goths and punks, smoke

Smelling of skunks, dried

And tried they are, tired of

Corporate lies, the machine

Doesn’t faze them, the world

Does haze them


For misunderstood they walk

For parenthood is the chalk

That chases and draws the

Dead bodies in the cement

Does it ever occur that these

Kids are the future? The change,

The groove, the point to prove

Or have I lived to long in my

Own waste of time and gadgets

And endless sunsets of days

Gone by, have I been to busy

To see the skaters and the haters

That walk by me daily, hopped

Up on their ipods, hopped up

On drugs, have I become just

As needed as them—in need of

The wasteland to end and life

To begin

To the teens of America

Help me understand these

Gaps I live in


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