Safe Debt

An ode to Orange County. God is terrifyingly good and not safe, to quote Asland.

Safe Debt

Face down
Coffee brown
Getaway town
Orange all around
Safety not found

The county calls to
Me daily, takes all my
Money, its a deep dent
A deep debt, coffee drinking
Lots of thinking

Does escape haunt the rich?
Does running run with the
Famous? Does dark hide the
Light or do I not have it right?

Orange blinks and heaven
Awaits, a safe man
Cannot stand, please try to

The heat from my drink will
Eventually sink, and all I think
Is written in books and looks
Upon looks do angels give
To humans who choose
To die or live

What I have is this Orange County
A highway five of north and south
I dwell in Laguna Niguel

Debt is paid
Daily I live not
In safety, daily
I give back the
Call to everything

Even when we want to run
And see the world just having
Fun, there is a better way

To live safe is an orange stamp
To live free and full is a orange

So get out your own debt
Get out of living rich
Yes to poverty, yes to
Heavenly gravity, out of
Debt and without regret

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