Life Just Keeps Going

You could also call this post “more meaning behind the prose.” The wonderful thing about any form of poetry or a piece of art, is the superfluous pro of not having to explain anything. As it stands is how it is written and that is the end of that. But, for myself, I like to explain the multiple emotions and ideas that are going on in my mind when writing. Yesterday I published at least 5 new poems and I want to share a little.

This past week of writings has been from a red covered journal from the end of August til Mid September. Recently, I have not been really doing any poetry. Call it ‘ a break’ or ‘writer’s block,’ but it hasn’t been flowing. The meaning behind ‘Cleansed’ and ‘Runaway’ is the thought of God’s fearful and lovely worth worshipping mercy. Many times we stumble and stumble and feel the sting of either fear or shame; or both, and that leads us to either run to God, or run away from Him. All my years of IHOP-KC led me down this path many times. It takes us a long time of meditation and study to fully embrace the idea of God’s acceptance in the midst of shame and struggle. ‘Risk and Reverence’ was inspired by reading 1 Corinthians 13 and the idea of doing great things for God without love. The reality of this should cause us to evaluate how we operate in our daily relationships.

‘Summer Days’ was a simple flashback to the past 7-9 summers that have passed since high school. That also reminds me, I have officially received an invitation for my 10 year high school reunion. WOW! I can’t believe 10 years have passed this next summer. Rocky Mountain High School, class of 2004. By the way, was I supposed to help plan that?( Student Council People) I find in writing the mode of constant reflection. And maybe its just me, but I seem to have a very photographic keen sense of the past. How I felt in high school, how I was with friends and how heart-broken I was over those Swiss Army Romances(Dashboard Confessional…how I don’t miss crying to those songs!) AHHH…yes sappy puppy love is the apex of all teenage angst and pop music, and we have all drunk from that fountain. Writing about it however, if you have really been reading this blog since 2007, is found in multiple poems. I have a rule that I never actually name the girl or the year(maybe sometimes the period of time), but I never name the girl because that seems like a Taylor Swift tactic that seems superfluous(word of the day). In conclusion, Summer Days and others like it have a hint of past romances and nostalgia.

‘Fullness Chaser’ and ‘New Season With You’ are about the desire to live whole-hearted before God. And this season of life for me has been a lot of pressing in in the word and study. It has been a time to fight for right thinking, and that, is such hard work. It is hard work to press in because everything in us would rather do something less painful. And we do need time to relax and enjoy not doing much, but consistently I want that reach in me to have true hunger. Since I am a professional blogger( not really??) I have more than enough time. I am making it a goal to read many books, and finish the year out strong. And you will hear about it, I promise.

The last poem published was ‘Runaway.’ That idea and language was resurrected from a poem called ‘FlyPlane.'( I think??) and its simply the idea of wanting to physically and emotionally escaping to another place because that seems easier then facing it. It is my aim to have faith in God’s ability to forgive and renew and cleanse, then in my ability to make myself righteous(see 2 Cor. 5:21 and the book of Romans) I have been studying Mike Bickle’s 28 sessions on Romans and it has been greatly impacting me. And that I will update you on later, as well.

Farewell, this is the end of the end of the beginning of my last month being 27, so send them birthday cards as soon as you can..

My little Nephew Noah Ahern is turning one next week on Halloween!( That’s us at the beach)

NoahAnd well, I just noticed this picture( the one below the Noah picture )in my email… Yep, we are all that age once..wish I could have started blogging back then, man, I would have like 50,000 poems written by now…

jared baby

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