This is a mix of multiple relationships and a longing to understand love.

It was always pouring
And never boring, how
You froze me with those
Winter nights and fights
Within came again, the flame
Within, those double doors
Again, the pain of a friend, the
Death of a lover, downtown
Was a frown and a scar on
My sleeve,

A new season later came
And there was your name,
Bright eyed and wondering
Did I go wandering and
Thundering came as you
Stood pondering the things
I never did say and the bombs

Rolled out were my thoughts
In the open I chose to live,
I chose to be not spoken,
For in those moments I
Wanted your heart to be
Double doors

And pouring I might always
Be, waiting in the rain for
At least a good-bye and an
Answer why, for thunder
I hide under waiting for
You to utter, I cannot name
The animals much longer,
Wild they are and untamed
I am, safety is a sin that sinks
Man in, for you risk is
Needed and waiting while
It pours is worthwhile,
So I will wait and just get
Better as I get older

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