The Journey

I had a fight with resistance and darkness but it did not win.

Gravity fell that November day
I was far from sunny L.A.
The world weighed down
Heavy on me, anxiety did take
A hold of me

The doors of death flew wide
Open, the curse of it was spoken;
For months disaster was my
Master and guided me down
A darkened path

Heavy feelings reached to the
Ceiling, soon to crash and fall
On me, clutter taking up free
Time, friends did leave to the
East, transition an untamed beast,

For in the dark there was
No spark and no skyline to

It was like sitting on the shoreline
Watching waves crash on the
Sand, trying to resist them
From crashing over me

Head to head with the spirit
Of dead, it fought and sought
To take me out

But the grave let out a shout
And Christ the king was let out

The stone rolled away
And life came to stay

Dark was overpowered by the
Light, He came to rescue me
In the night

The blood that spilled
Was that that killed
The suffering of the
Human head, for those
That wish me dead

As the disease He went
Down, as the cure He rose up

As a man I will be tempted to
Control gravity, tempted to be
In control of my own soul

To live is to receive truth that
Death cannot suceed

I am still in recovery
Learning this discovery
I was made to win and
To overcome

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