Left it on the driveway
That was the getaway
Punchline came anyway
Summer was never a forever
Endeavor, home life was
Turbulence, school a four
Letter exit stamp, every soul
Wanted the most control,

Driveway did stay in my mind,
All that wasted time, winter the
Crime, all my energy spent
On making the seasons mean
Something to you, bow down
He does ask, why can’t I just
Relax, breaking and doing it
Badly sadly I do ask I have
Been trying to live safe and
That driveway took all day to
Get over as I tried to stand
A man,

Safe you say is not good,
But good He is in all my
Driveway pain and the rain
That comes with it,

I submit and give you
More of me in the time
Of the smallest seconds
I have added up for you
May I not drive you away
May you come and stay
Within me

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