This is a reflection on getting older(my bday is tommorrow!) and the desire to embrace all that comes with growing up in God and in life. This truly has been a trying year but God has received all the praise. For He has not pulled me out, He has pulled me through.

Kenosis is the prognosis

Empty is the tray that goes

My way—eating weakness and

Feasting on brokenness,

Death is a faded memory

One seen at Calvary

One that changes Gravity.

To me I live, but for Him

I shall give all of my heart,

Older now I am getting,

Pages of time are turning

In perfect rhyme, ocean

Scenes are fading with

The sand beneath me,

Aging it seems is no

Longer in dreams and

Unseen images of

Episodes that can’t

Be replayed, rather

Remade we become

When death is numb

To the victory that lives

In me, all these years have

Passed without a resurrection

At last, years of walking the

Hallways with no lights and

No brights to walk on, now

I want an eschaton—one with

Tribulation and no early departure

From the coming corruption,

Let me stay Lord in the midst

Of the suffering and the pain,

Let me lay in this kind of rain

For what I know as I grow is

That the hardest most hurtful

Moments have added up into

A lifetime of not quitting, and

For that I war on the grumbling

I ask for the rumbling of that

That is Holy and true, all that

Keeps me in this fight, all that

Might hold me awake at night,

Getting older will be better

As I get closer to being with


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