Listening to this song by Bon Iver and inspiring me.

I knew I was not magnificent
To you, you wanted the best
Parts of me, I wanted a break
That was a mistake, now I still
Ache and wait for you,

The gray hairs on my head
Enlist me instead, on the
Beard they feel weird, but
Without you is the strangest
Thing I can ever feel for
Now is the time to live
And give all I can have to
Have you,

I just see your youth
As proof that you still
Live inside of me as just
A distant memory and
You burn and burn with
Fire all around me, you
Rarely come around here
Around the pier I do here
And daily swear to the sky
I see you walk by, but now
Seperate we live,

The medicine spills in
And out of me, for because
Of you I am not balanced out
I am without the medicine
And I was not magnificent
To you

I wonder about you
I wonder what to do
For these songs play
On repeat and I think
Only of what is not lonely

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