I wonder what you will find when I lay it

Bare to a world that might not care,

Winter came with the look in your eyes

With bright colors all around, you looked

Until I hit the ground, dance, dance you

Said and did that been to that, saw that

Smile move away from you it was the

Only clue that I had to get back to you,

Now on the shelf you do keep me

And look at me with apathy, how could

I ever love again after that deep end

I just swam in, how does anyone trust

A life of pain over a life of ease? How

Do I live and feel what is real when

The world out there doesn’t care

What kind of sleep I get at night

Whether I will live at peace at


But I wonder with you to, cause love

Seems to be all that one can do to

Stay sane in a world of pain, so

Yes, yes Lord to the ways of

Suffering, let it never be in

Vain, let me understand

The rain that falls on everyone

That lives fully and wholly for


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