Never say never again, I hear it on the
Intercom and the dot com and the commas
I leave for you, for every word I pause on is
A word to grab on, safety I say cannot be
Me but you left in a hurry when laces were
Open and spaces were chosen, I needed you
When you stayed glued to the tv in the midst
Of family, and now I am older now and better
Now on my own, for with you was much eruption
And much corruption played on the screen, sex
And violence I say I have seen it and repent of it
For dirty the mind can become when the leader
Goes astray and we’re left to fight off the fray
Of the garments, for I cry out for dependence
For protection for a new resurrection, I needed
And need love to wash me clean and call me
Serene, so now I wait for love to take over
For a man, what is that? I hear the girls all
Say that is needed, am I that Lord, am I that
Kind of man? Because I want to be, I want to
Suceed at knowing you

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