The Source

It’s the cop verse the cape and in me is an
Ache, pain I can’t mistake, summer has passed
And I am without you at last, months have passed
And I have out lasted the moments without you,

Sin has knocked at the door and stayed to long
There’s a torch on the porch in this home made
A house to long now, I have waited and seen what
Cannot be seen no longer, I have taken out the
Power and unplugged its source, I have made
This choice so that forever will stay a pleasure
Not a flame underneath me for all of eternity,

For I want to burn and learn and not earn
What cannot be earned but purity is a rarity
And man lacks its clarity, I now need the charity
Of what can save me, I have burned death and its
Stand with me, for all the sources of power have
To be shut down sometimes

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