How our nature and God’s nature are opposite but how He loves us in the process of changing us.

in you is mercy, in me is wrath
in you is kind, in me is a rewind
in you is solitude, in me I change
my mind, I regret, I fumble, I choose
to stumble, I like the dark, I see little
light, I stay up all night without you
in sight, my plight, the flight that I
take daily, flying away from you
in all that you do, I am opposite of
what you are, I do opposite of what
you do, yet in opposition you correct
my position and place me in a royal
chair and in a royal place and in a place
that I could never replace with wrath on
me I still choose no, yet yes is all that seems
to be in you, for you never give up on me,
you are the opposite, I now say yes, make
me not a different person, but let me
change in the person that I have chosen

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