King Of This Castle

Reflecting on God’s mercy breaking through areas where we are resistant to Him.

King of this castle I am
This place of comfort I live in,
This path I walk daily is wrath
Underneath me, for I choose to
Walk from He and away from the
Pain that will make me a better man,
King of this place I do pace and place
All my trust, not knowing when to
Combust when daily I collect rust
And lust after what is wrong and
What song that I cannot dance to,
Now I need a break from these
Awful mistakes I take, how I
Fortify the lie that I can live
In this castle without you,
Hope moves past the moat,
And tries to climb up to me,
I let down my hair, I try to
Rescue me from this royal
Despair, see loyalty is in me,
Allegiance is a part of me, I
Just stumble upon who I
Give it to, so I need you in
This fort, in this fork in the
Road, help me turn it in,
Wave the white flag and
Surrender, call this a
Disaster, make my heart
Beat faster—I trust in
You—the only true King,
Able to rule my most
Fortified of ways

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