College Stories

This is a couple years old and yes its about a girl.

Libraries with you, books of information for you,
A change of situation, shelving what’s been reveling
And revealing and healing to these bones for no
One certainly wants to be alone or homeless and
Men always feel trapped and tapped at last of
Emotionless tiring me but opening up slowly
With you seemed to be to easy and pizza parlors
Did persist and the cheese did come for sure for
It was the closest to me and with you I did succeed
But Harlow bangs came with some fangs and much
Pain as it slipped past me, days of separation came
Inside of my memory, just a thing for this thing came
Near and all I simply could hear was my voice real
Near and the things I said that you heard instead
Caught me dead and wishing by the sea that its real
Easy and to easy to simply be me, so open book I
Became and thoughts so tame, frat boy laugh at
Laugh or is this still just college, both in need of
Education or just your Harlow bangs slipping with
The fangs of more persistence, cause tomorrow it will
Be over and education will go on and college days
Will be a past thing, so for now I stay me in and out
Of this town

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