A reflection on the last 10 years of responding to fullness.

Devotion is in backwards motion
A decade has passed from that touch
At last, I stood young and dumb and
Confused at that force called future,
I clang and sang to the rhythm of all
My favorite fans and my devotion was
Backward motion—those years were
Nonstop commotion on the inside,
When I was young I stood and said
Yes—forward motion became me,
Forward devotion was me, and
Resurrection slowly did dig me
In the ground asking for grace
To abound—I said yes to you then
And I say yes to you now—I see your
Mercy in me somehow—that I have
Chosen to abound—in grace, in love,
In all from above, and now I look back
At a decade of lack, you are the one that
Always talks back—thirst and hunger they
Stay with me, daily its within—poverty, my
Storage bin, I say yes as this year ends to
All that I can comprehend—to know you
Is to love you and to love you is a choice
To be chosen through and through the
Lonely nights of the deepest parts of
Man—I say yes to another decade of
Choosing such great devotion.

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