This is from 2009. I was watching a kid in a wheelchair visiting L.A.

Injustice in a
wheelchair I
can’t help but
stare at eyes
that don’t care
that a scare syndrome
would ask Him to come
and deliver injustice on
two wheels heading down
hils as thrills of two
legs of steadiness
causes self righteousness
for the brightness of days
your shades over
stray eyes not filled
with sties or blind
guys with canes
don’t with distrup us
at the crosswal
blaring cross
signal echo,
perfect is the
ordinary man
but shrunken
are women and men
who drive by
Mulholland drive
who stand and stare
at L.A. While the sick
pick a fight with my
conscious that I can
do something about
this, I can pray to
His highness for
merciless torment
to not take place
yet a mile and life
worthwhile down
the drain of
constant pain
beyond expression
Hollywood’s vision
for scary movies
became realities
of conscious

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