Boulevard(older poem)

I don’t know when this was written but most likely 2009-10.And the first official post of 2014.


At the boulevard it became hard
To understand the bar talk and the
Sidewalk chalk dressed in flare
Guns down runways, indigo
Lights put on display for the
Jetway to connect me to you
This coffee permeates my senses
And a car to get to the best of my
Family waiting so patiently on
The couch ready for us to never
Bounce out of each other’s lives
Again, never would that be the
Boulevard to the roads ahead
Of all of us, nobody said it would
Be easy to let go of all of those
Things in these airport walks
And these traveling books
And brooks of meadows of new
Mercies they shine in the backdrop
Of the sky behind the why that
We exist for His mercy to
Persist, for the boulevard
To become painted and tainted
Crossed over and bled into
Rising to the top my desire
To be with you Christ Jesus
In the fuselage, in the garage
Of secrets you have collecting
And selecting you do at the right
Time down the shores of this
Orange town, rightfully actually
You are mine

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