Written in March 2013.

Christ calling
Mercy falling
All around me—song and dance
Faithful romance
Rhyming not coming to me
The rhythm now calling to me
Where is God man does ask, why
Do I bask in the unknown, worry about
What the future holds
Can power come this hour back to my life
To rise up now and take back the lack I’ve been
Living in, only in Him can I get healed within and
Overcome again, he does require a heart on fire
Let the burning inside of me change to peaceful
Exchange of you resting on top of me, abiding in His glory

What is the answer for the cancer
Eating away at humanity, real men and women
With lives of desperation, now reality chases me and calls out to
Me for my response is growing slim trying to fit you in,
Putting away that which hinders

All the shoulds and woulds
And could have beens
Fading behind as the sunset begins,
New life now living and giving inside
Again, the world around is hurting and broken
And pulling me in, this clock is ticking with pain
In His hands, I’m trying now to please understand
All the burning in this direction, the flame of love
Comes down on me, takes his place now beside me,
Thoughts of life supercede and intercede in me now

Declaring weakness
Declaring fearfulness
Trusting change don’t happen overnight
Getting it right takes a new line of sight
Suffering a buffering to change lives
To pull out the knives and divide that thing
In you called afraid, called a cherade, called
A façade, burn it down, relieve the wrong kind
Of flames, renew all the names I’ve called myself
All the great enemies that beseech me one
Being death and what it brings

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