Friday Night Lights: Season 2: Episodes 8-10

Episode #8 Seeing Other People
The drama of relationships take root in this episode.
Landry meets the brother of the perpetrator who hurt Tyra.Tim, find himself without a position on the team, after the stunt he pulled fleeing to Mexico. Coach shuts him out. Matt has trouble with the caretaker lady caring for his grandmother. He also shuts out the girl that he’s been hanging out with at school.

Episode #9: The Confession
Landry finally breaks and confesses what he has done. In this episode or the next Tim takes it upon himself to help Santiago out. Santiago is new to football, so Tim helps him learn how to tackle.More tension builds with Julie and her mom over the baby christening.

Episode #10: There Goes The Neighborhood
After a horrid tornado comes near Dillon high school, the Panthers are forced to share a field and locker room with a rival team. Tension builds and the opposing teams coach even touches Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor says, ‘I will kick you six ways to Sunday..I will make sure you never coach again!’ Both teams fight each other. Buddy gets news from Lila that her mom, Pam, is going to marry the guy she has been seeing. Someone says a very powerful line: ‘If you care about something you don’t give up, you do whatever it takes!’ Tyra tells Landry: ‘you make me feel to much, it freaks me out!’ There relationship grows and grows and would be my second favorite couple of the show.

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